"Trump claims electoral system under ‘coordinated assault and siege’

General Michael Flynn calls for Trump to suspend the constitution and declare martial law to re-run election.

"Only then can the winning candidate be accepted as legitimate"

General Michael Flynn


7 Reasons 2



7 Reasons 2 DemandAReVote


Listen Up Believers!!!

The United States Is Being SET UP 

We Are Being PLAYED By The deep state...

Biden Is No More Than A Patsy; and a "fall Guy" for the WWCN (worldwide communist network)

It Isn't Just china; many countries want communism

The deep state is trying to manipulate CIVIL WAR In The U.S. to "drum up" support for WW3 & The Communist TakeOver  (ReSet) of America

These tyrants have known for some time that TRUMP would win... Biden, the patsy is a "back up" plan , what they are counting on now is civil war

Violence In The United States Will Escalate; We Will Move From Civil Unrest To Civil War 

This Is Exactly What The deep Sate Wants

Only A ReVote Will Assuage This Violence in America 

Only A ReVote

Will Ensure Fair & Free Elections In The Future

The UNITED STATES were always intended to be a DIRECT DEMOCRACY; an autonomous nation...

A Nation Where No Authority Is Above The Majority Voice of The People

For The People, By The People, One Nation UNDER GOD",  Indivisible; but, only if we stick together and use our collective voice like a TRUE DEMOCRACY instead of waiting on a "hero" to "save us"

We Have Complacently Allowed Our Country To Become a Lazy & Lose "republic" at best...


President Trump Will Be A Three Term President as prophetically predicted by Abigail Noel in May, 2016
Just how that happens we aren't sure, all we know is that God needs all Americans to rise, and use their collective voice to Demand A ReVote
Without President Trump's Leadership America Would Fall 2 China & the one world order
Without His Leadership Over 51% of The Worlds Population Would Die... This Is Revelation; Have No Fear, God Who Is Love Has Already Won.

Read More Prophecy From JProject/J4P Founder, Abigail Noël

1. To Legitimize The Rightful Winner of The 2020 Presidential Elections. Forty percent of Americans will not accept President Trump as the rightful winner and sixty percent will NOT ACCEPT THE FRAUDALANT CANDIDATE & PATSY BIDEN... Only A ReVote, Overseen By The US Military Can and Will Legitimize The Winning Candidate. This Needs To Happen In Order To... (go2 reason #2)

2.  Assuage violence in the US, and quite possibly prevent the current status of "civil unrest" from elevating to civil war. This is kind of a "no brainer". We Need A ReVote or more people will die. 

3. To Restore Power To The People By Exercising Our Majority Voice. Such A Collective Demonstration Of Our Inalienable Rights As Americans Would Serve To Finally and Determinedly Establish America As A Direct Democracy, and As The World Leader of Freedom .  

This Was The Original Intention Of Our Founding Fathers, However The US Has Instead Been Complacently Manipulated Into A "Constitutional Democracy". What Does That Mean? It Means That We The People Have Given Our Collective Power and Authority Away, By Allowing The Courts and Elected Officials (often times crooks) , The Constitution, and Laws That Don't Serve To Have A Higher Authority Than Our Collective Voice.  In A Direct Democracy, There Is No Higher Authority Than The People's Collective Majority Voice, Except Of Course For God's. America Was Founded, As "One Nation Under God." And, We As Americans Are Granted Certain Inalienable Rights As Children Of God and Believers Of His Word... But WE Must Stand United In These Sacred Truths.


A Quote From Thomas Jefferson; ""We hold these truths to be sacred & undeniable; that all men are created equal & independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent & inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, & liberty, & the pursuit of happiness."


None Of These Things Is Possible Without A Fair & Free Election. We Must Unite & Use Our Collective Voice 2 DemandAReVote Now... It's About More Than Keeping The Real, Real President In Office. It Is About Exercising Our Majority Authority Through God To Change History Together. We at JProject already Know that President Trump will remain in office for three terms; we see this election as an opportunity For All Americans to Stand United and Fight For Our Inalienable and Inherent Right To Life, Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness. The Time Has Come For America To Become An Example Of True Bravery & True Freedom That Will Inspire Others Around The World To Follow.

There Is No 


4. To Be A Truly Autonomous Nation (free from government manipulation) We The People Need To Stop Looking To The Courts and Elected Officials To Solve All Of Our Problems. It should not take martial law and civil war to win a fair and free election. There are far more Patriots, then then are  one eyed fools. The Majority Voice Trumps All Other Authority, Besides GOD.  We The People Are, One Nation Under God, Indivisible, With Liberty and Justice For All.

5. Would You Simply Allow Someone To Steal From You? Would You Let Someone Take Your Property? Your Guns?  Your Choice? Would You Let Someone Take Your Children?....Well, By Letting "The Deep State" Steal Your Vote, You Are Letting Them Steal Our Freedom and Our Children's Future

6. Those Of Us Who Know That Donald  J. Trump Won The 2020 Presidential Election By An Overwhelming Margin Deserve A ReVote; First Because It Would FEEL GOOD! And Second, Because It Will Quiet Down and Settle Down The "Left", aka, butthurt america

7. Our President, Donald J. Trump Is Fighting Hard For Us, We Need To Fight For Him. It Isn't Really His Job To Demand A ReVote, It's Ours, The Majority 60% That Voted For President Donald J. Trump. On November 3, 2020, Our Choice Was Stolen and Potentially America's Future. If We Don't Act, It Could Cost A Great Number Of Americans Their Lives. WW3 Is Coming and The World Is Watching To See If Americans Are Truly Free. Will WE Demand That What Was Stolen Be Returned To Us? Will We Fight For The Truth and For Donald J. Trump, The Greatest US President Of All Time? Are We Really "The Home Of The Brave and The Land Of The Free"? Without A Fair and Free Election and A Transparent Government, We Are Not and Never Will Be. United We Stand Strong; Divided We Fall Hard

There are other petitions out circulating on this issue

 However, JProject/J4P did not find one that we could fully or Prophetically align ourselves with for these reasons: A ReCount IS ABSURD and DOES NOT ADDRESS THE FOUNDATIONAL ISSUES, NOR THE FUTURE ISSUES THAT WOULD BE GENERATED WITHOUT A REVOTE.  Also, Our Prophetic position at JProject remains that Americans MUST USE THEIR COLLECTIVE VOICE TO BRING RESOLUTION TO THIS ELECTION AND IN THE PROCESS WE WILL BE TAKING BACK OUR COUNTRY AND OUR FREEDOM. MARTIAL LAW IS NOT THE ANSWER AND WILL SERVE ONLY TO SWIFTLY ESCALATE VIOLENCE IN AMERICA. If A ReVote Occurs, Martial Law Will Not Be Needed During This Process, Neither Before Trump Is Inaugurated Or After. A ReVote is the only process that will assuage violence and reduce the number of American casualties.


#OneVoiceMakesADifference #TogetherWeMakeChange


Pave The Way For America's Freedom By Taking Down The Two-Party System... "The Illusion of Choice" That Keeps Us Divided

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