"Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny"

James Otis Jr., American Patriot & Original Leader of The Tea Party

Without A Vote We Have No Voice; Without A Voice We Are Without Representation

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Without Representation



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No Vote?

No Voice...

No Voice,


No Representation???

NO taxes 

Would You Pay a Burglar To Steal Your Possessions? Your Car? Your Guns? Your Money? Your Children's Future? Your Voice? Your Vote... or Your Freedom?

You and I Both Know That This Election Was Stolen From The Majority Voice... 

You and I both know that this is NOT the first time "the deep state" Has Manipulated & Stolen An Election & Our Voice.

"Taxation Without Representation Is Tyranny."

James Otis Jr., American Patriot & Original Founder of The Boston Tea Party

Without A Vote We The People Are Unrepresented... To Tax Us Is An Act Of Tyranny.

Would U Pay Crooks 2 Take Ur Things?  The Answer Most Assuredly Is NO.  Therefore, We The People Are Charged Not Only With The Right, But Also With A Duty 2 Withhold  All Taxes From Any Government/Administration Believed 2 Be Fraudulent and Therefore Untrustworthy. (This Concept Is Well Within Our Unalienable & Constitutional Rights 2 A Peaceful & Conservative Revolution.) The Majority Voice & True Believers In GodLoveTruth Have a Duty 2 Protect The Future Of Freedom 4 The Coming Generations; America's Children Are Counting On Us.

All WE Are Asking 4 Is A 


& We Are Going 2 Get One

If biden Won Fair & Square... This Should Not Be A Problem. There Is Enough Controversy 2 Merit This Move. "Only A ReVote Will Legitimize The Winner."

General Michael Flynn

No ReVote???         

Well Then...No Taxes 4U


(the fraudulent biden/obama admin)


It's TIME 2 Give This Fraudulent Administration A 

30 Day Notice

Mickey Mouse