About Us

JProject, Justice4Prince (J4P) & DemandAReVote: 

We are a Prophetic Justice Ministry, founded in 2011 by Abigail Noel.


Comprised of 5 full-time road activists and a small group of core supporters, JProject's primary objective is to prove conscious communication with God/Love/Truth through the pursuit of Justice. 

The injustice done to the American people, President Trump & the world at large through the 2020 Presidential Election has made DemandAReVote our foremost case. However, our ministry works primarily cold and inactive murder cases - like those of Prince Rogers Nelson & Lorenzen Wright- as well as Danye Jones, Jordan Kuykendall & Desmond Moore. 

Abigail Noel is a life long Prophetic Channel & Evidential Medium, proving conscious communication with God using zero probability and Evidential Mediumship.

"Proof is evidence that is so strong, it would be statistically illogical as well as mathematically & scientifically unreasonable to deny." Abigail Noel

Your support is invaluable, and infinetely appreciated. 

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Standing 4 Freedom/Protecting Our Inalienable Rights As Children of God



End The Divisive Two-Party System 2 ensure Free,

Fair & Transparent Elections

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