Petition to End The Two Party System

To Be Delivered To the United States Supreme Court & President Donald J. Trump

Many of us woke folks understand that  the two-party system is nothing more than a divisive ploy to keep Americans fighting.Forcing people to choose a side (team) has America looking more like a brawl in the parking lot after an Alabama game. It keeps us divided and arguing over our differences instead of united over our similarities and freedom. The two-party system instigates judgment and hatred. The Deep State has used it to manufacture the concept of racism for years. 

We need to end the two-party system to end the enslavement of the American People- both emotional and financial.


We have to break the chains of this divisive system to pave the way for a third term for our President, Donald Trump. A third term is absolutely imperative for the survival of America. Without the leadership of President Donald J. Trump, over 50% of the world population will die and China will own America. This is part of the depopulation plan that is Agenda 21.

We at JProject hold the prophetic stance that America cannot be a truly fair and free democracy until the two-party system is brought down.


We are on our way to Texas to stand for our right to a fair election and with our President. The Greatest President of All Time, Donald J. Trump has done more in 4 years than any other President or world leader. We hope that you will stand with us & with President Trump. Please sign this petition and sign the petition to Demand A ReVote.

Let's take down the two-party joke & Save America.

Sign The Petition to End The Two Party System Here: