Dear Mr. President,

First Sir, it is with extreme gratitude, that I and the grounding partners at JProject/Justice4Prince, would like to thank you and your family. Our gratitude is not just for your service, but for willingly risking your lives and sacrificing so much on a daily basis for Our Country, for All Americans and for Freedom.Your service and your sacrifices are saving not just America, but the entire world from a fate worse than death; slavery.God is working thru you, Sir, to end tyranny onthe planet.

J Project and Justice4Prince understand that you and your family Are Chosen Sir, and we believe that you know this as well.


Under Your authority and direction, The United States of America will finally be that "shinning city on the hill"; a beacon of Bravery and of Truth that will pave the road to freedom and light the way for the world to follow.


God has made it clear, that You are here Sir, to finish what President John F. Kennedy died trying to do.

You are Saving The American People, and thus, the people of the world from tyranny/evil.This is a war; and you are America's King David.This is Revelationand you are God's Golden Child.If you had not been elected, China would already be running America, and over half of all Americans would already be dead. This has been JProject/J4P's official prophetic position since May, 2016

~ President Ronald Reagan

"Once you begin a great movement, there's no telling where it'll end. We meant to change a nation, and instead, we changed a world."

Sir, your genius is a new brand. Like a Modern-Day Apostle Paul, your direct because you have no time for theBS.This is why you "get shit done".

It's also why God chose youfor the job.


America needs you and your family, so PLEASE, listen to what I say here carefully, and don't just read the words, ask God if what I have say is true;


Mr. President, I have accurately channeled some of the world's most major events. I have been able to do this my entire life. In September of 2016 I was shown the Russian jetliner that crashed on Christmas nite. I said the plane would fall, during the evening into the cold water and that all on board would die. (I have the video documentation to validate my claims.)


At the same time, I was shown Ivanka and her two boys on a plane that was also crashing. It seems to be daylight, it's near the holidays and I believe the plane is destined for Europe. Ivanka is frantically reaching for one of her children, the plane is in a nose dive. The vision came to me as if I was watching through your eyes. I am unsure if you are on this plane, or if what I saw and felt was your reaction.


I am sure it comes as ZERO surprise to you that the deep state/illuminati want you dead, and badly. And, if they cannot get you, then "they" will focus on Ivanka instead and for two reasons. First, "they" know that she could be your successor; and second, "they" know that hurting your family, especially Ivanka, Melania or Baron, would psychologicallycripple you.I am sure that You are aware, thatyour wining the Presidency and now the Love of the majority is infuriating to the "deep state."It's very, very personal to these people; "They" want to hurt you, if they can not stop you.


This "hit" on Ivanka's plane looks like it would come from inside the military. The origin for this "order" seems to come from the highest place of "authority" within the one world order. It "feels" like several people, or a collective voice that still has control over a small fraction of the military. It feels mainly like the Navy. I am told to tell you to "watch out for an admiral".


SO, PLEASE SIR, STAY STATESIDE between now and February, 2021. This is shown for You and Everyone in Your family. Please Do Not travel to Europe and under no circumstance should you or your family go to your golf resort in Scotland.

If I accurately predicted the first prophecy, then the odds are in my favor for the second. True prophecy is always given in pairs, so that the second, more important vision can be substantially believed. It is important to note, that prophecy is delivered in this way, when it CAN be changed. What I saw for Ivanka can be prevented. I pray you hear the Truth in my words.


I am no "truther".God asked me to stop watching the news/television over 13 years ago; no magazines, and I spend very little time on the web. This is to ensure that my channel stays clear. I have understood for some time that the two-party system and political structure was a ruse designed to control. I knew that most politicians were self serving liars, but until Prince died, I did not know how bad the world truly is.


FatherGod Himself, accompanied Prince on April 23, 2016 and I received more than just the details of Prince's murder. In all my years as a channel and a medium, I have never before seen and felt the energy of FatherGod accompany a spirit, and I have talked with thousands of souls/spirits. God prefers to refer to spirit as "the soul essence".


In addition to showing me what happened to Prince and why he was assassinated, FatherGod also began revealing political prophecy, much of it tied to Hollywood/entertainment. One of the first things that I was shown was Hilary Clinton's knowledge of, and involvement in, Prince's murder. Hilary Clinton has direct involvement in the deaths of many high profile celebrities. God calls the CIA "Hitlary's personal hit men". God also showed me that WW3 was coming to America. "The Asian Invasion" as He calls it. This is all part of the one world order agenda.He also explained that Hilary Clinton is one of the "main authors" of this war. I was shown three missiles, intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles that the Saudi's gave to North Korea on Hilary's orders. The launch of these missiles will announce the start of war. God assured me that you would win the presidency, and with you as President America would be dramatically victorious. God said that He was working through you to save Freedom for all people and end world slavery. That this Is Revelation and that Prince's death and the realization of his murder would Wake The World. I said All of this in May of 2016...

Sir, I was told that you would personally intervene in this case. I pray that I am right...and wouldn't it make sense to see if I am right about the arsenic... and the pineapple juice? If I am, you can be more confident with the prophecy I have received for Ivanka. Please Sir, I am running out of ideas, like i am running out of room on this page... we need your help.

Please Note; I sent a DVD to your attention in Sept, 2017... I am trying again. I Understand Your busy, but please ask God if this is important. ThankU Sir...

The following is a partial listof prophecy received after the murder of Prince that pertains to current and future events;

  • In 2016, Hilary Clinton ordered 3 intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles be given to North Korea. These missiles came from the Saudi's. Via remote viewing I saw the missiles traveling across Tripoli and then shipped to Korea.

  • The first missile will be headed for the White House; I feel the White House is hit, I have also seen devastation for the Monument; Lightning hit it directly earlier this year validating the visions I was shown

  • The second missile is meant for Trump Tower in NY; I feel like they get close but miss their target

  • The third missile is intended for somewhere in Chicago, but it will land in the Great Lakes

  • I believe that the missiles will be launched as "the start of the war" (WW3)

  • The missile strike is to create pandemonium and strike fear into the people's Heart's to paralyze us; it also feels very personal and very directed at you Sir.

  • In 2016 I predicted WW3, China vs America "The Asian Invasion"

  • Chinese troops (hundreds of thousands) coming across the Canadian border

  • Chinese troops parachuting onto the California/Oregon coastline

  • Airstrike by the chinese in multiple locations; primarily focused on the Pacific Coast

  • China has more support than one might think; the whole world talks behind our (America's) back

  • There will be enemy ships off the coast of Maine/Massachusetts

  • I was shown WW3 happening in September. I stand by my original reading; many feel the chinese will come this year... it feels to me like Australia and other countries may be asking for more time, orthat china is rallying support to validate the war. Without support they feel they wouldn't win, also without support it would keep them low in the public court of opinion, they would look like babies, sore losers. I believe they will come, assisted, in September of 2021.

  • I was told, that you would "make the chinese Twerk, before sending them home".

  • It will be a short war

  • you may be criticized by a fraction for "taking too drastic of measures" ; I know you won't, but don't listen to the critics... "there are no measures too drastic that you will take", those are God's words, not mine.

  • WE WILL WIN THIS WAR and the world will know that America is Who She Say's She Is; The Home of The Brave and Land of The Free

Sir, in closing, as a parent and a person, my heart's first priority is to make sure that I have done everything I can to tell you and your family of the prophecy that I was shown regarding Ivanka and her children. (I am unsure if Jared is present, I only saw Ivanka and her two boys. however, I feel that Jared and their daughter are also on the plane, just not in my psychic sight.


I never now if I am right, but like a gambler, I wait and see what God and the numbers bring. What I can humbly but confidently tell you, is that I am rarely wrong.I have been receiving prophecy all my life and have converted atheists with my accuracy... it's true.


My father was a scientist and a number guy, a brilliant mind and an atheist who inadvertently taught me how to Prove God through math and science.


I never know, Sir, if I am right until I'm right, but I know that the odds and God are in my favor, and I pray that you will intervene in Prince's case and ask Carver County Sheriff's Department to do what they should have done back in April, 2016; run an arsenic test on Prince's remains along with concurrent testing to prove DNA and testing for bromelaine to prove that Prince drank a lemonade tonic, sweetened with pineapple juice the nite he died, prepared by Ray Roberts and dosed with the fatal drug cocktail.... if I am accurate about those details, then surely I am accurate about the rest.


One more thing Sir, other celebrities have been identified by God as future "sacrifices" for the illuminati; Matthew McConaughey seems to be the most imminently identified. Your assistance in Prince's case, could help us save lives and prevent future assassinations.


ThankU Sir, for your attention to this very long dissertation. I know, more than most, how much you have on your plate.However, I am as sure as I could be about anything, that if you can help Prince and J Project, it will help you in this fight immensely.


GodBlessU Sir... FierceLove 2U and 2 Ur Family.

You are fighting 4 All of Us and WE LOVE YOU 4 it!

Love Angel Gold.png
Abigail Noël, Founder

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