Celebrities are treated like puppets and commodities. "Pay, Play or Go Away" is this gangs motto and and many "stars" find themselves worth more dead than alive. In addition, fame often comes with a shelf life. The illuminati would prefer that these celebrities die before they out live their audience (fans); "It's better to burn out than it is to fade away"



Matthew McConaughey was prophetically identified to JProject/J4P as an illluminati target in August of 2016. Often a very famous individual is used politically and "sacrificed" (Elvis) with the intent of dominating the media while distracting the American people's attention away from the deep state's nefarious actions. We as a society are so ridiculously wrapped up in the Hollywood illusion of fame and these "stars" that this "trick" works....everytime. We need to remember that celebrities are just people, and most of them, are the people who were willing to play "the illuminati's game." The entertainers/celebrities like Prince, who will not "play" by their rules are "set up" and permanently "removed" 4 Profit. And let us not forget, that agents/agencies and the representatives for the these "stars" are currently allowed to keep life insurance policies on the people that they represent. This is an often fatal conflict of interest and should be made illegal. Please look for a petition from JProject/J4P regarding this subject soon! And Please Check Out Our Other Websites and Join Our Newsletter 2 Stay In The Know!  GodBless #StayWildStayFree

~James Dean
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