Trump 2020 Texas Beach Party

The First Event: January 22 - 24, 2021

On Saturday January 23rd, the True Believers, Patriots, Rebels & Hippies 4 Trump gathered on the beach in Port Aransas, TX to stand up for Freedom, Fight For Trump and DEMAND A REVOTE. Our voice was stolen, our choice ignored and we refuse to be silent any longer. This event is the first in a series of DemandAReVote Rallies, with gatherings slated for Dallas & Palm Beach, Florida. Follow the movement at

First Event Announcement: 

Calling All True Believers, Patriots, Rebels & Hippies 4 Trump! Now is the time for us to unite where ever and whenever possible... President Trump is fighting hard for Us, We Have Got To Stand With Him.


Speakers & Musicians appearing Saturday Jan 23rd:

  • JProject Founder Abigail Noel & Grounding Partners Meg Roehl, Kevin Stearns, Kristin Huntington & Barbara Jenice.

    • Proving conscious communication with God

    • The Ministry with Moxy

  • Russel Cain, Chairman of the Republican Party in Calhoun County, TX

  • Brent Casey, Nominated Chairman Precinct 3, Nueces County Republican Party​

    • Texas citizen since '93

    • 1st Sergeant, Texas State Militia​

    • Port Aransas Boatmen Association Member for over twenty years

    • Founded The Coastal Bend Regional Water Rescue in 2011 

    • Volunteer Firefighter and EMT

    • Served as Poll Watcher in 2020

    • “I love giving back to the community. I love helping out. It’s rewarding.”

  • Shawn Flanagan, Host - Flanagan's Freedom Forum

    • Flanagan's Freedom Forum on The Bob Jones Show, 1440 KEYS Corpus Christi

    • Retired Track Coach, Delmar College

    • Coastal Bend Republicans

  • Robert Gonzales, Latinos For Trump - Bexar County

    • ​Born and raised in San Antonio, TX

    • Cyber security analyst

    • US Army veteran, served as a Geospatial Intel Analyst

    • Currently keeping an eye on the heavens and the earth below

  • Tim Labatzky, Founder - Don't Tread On Me Films

    • First Time Voter​

    • Believer in the Constitution of the United States

    • Member of the 57th Patriot

    • Constitutional Political Influencer


  • Katie Medina, Founder - The Patriot Movement of Texas​​

    • Born and raised in Dallas, Texas

    • Degree in Hospitality Administration, Nacogdoches, Stephen F. Austin

    • Same-sex parents & a struggling brother gave her a great understanding and a vision to have a much more united America! Under God.

    • Working to unite Americans across Texas as well as Nationwide

  • Joel Medina, Co-Founder - The Patriot Movement of Texas​​

    • ​Patriot out of Dallas with a passion for this Great Country

    • Inspired by the great work & policies of President Trump

    • Encouraged to Get Involved & Make A Change

    • Believes Everything Starts Somewhere

    • Guitarist, Vocalist​​

This rally is brought to you by JProject and DemandAReVote.

We are a Prophetic Justice Ministry, founded in 2010.

It is our prophetic understanding that there is nothing to fear. That GodLove&Truth will prevail and that President Trump will remain in office.

In fact, we are clear, President Trump will stay President for three terms...
But God still needs us to hold a space of Faith and Fierce Determination...

God would also like to Thank The Great State of Texas for standing up for GodLoveTruth, President Trump, Freedom, and the American people.
God Loves Texas! So Do We...

(JProject would like to officially adopt this state )​

So Listen Up Guys! If You can get to Texas... Get to this rally! We want to cover the beach at Port Aransas with American Flags, Patriotic Flags... and TRUMP Flags... of course...


Bring RV's, campers or Tents, chairs, music, firewood, kites, volleyballs, frisbees, footballs... swim trunks and jackets/sweaters... it's warm most days... a little cold in the mornings and evenings.

Bring generators if you have one... no hookups out here!

Beach Parking Permits & Camping Regulations

Let's light this beach up yall!

This is not a "political" event ...This goes WAY deeper than politics. This is about GodLoveTruth & Freedom. This Is Revelation... God Is Working Through President Trump to Save America, and God is working through America, to Save The World from tyranny and worldwide oppression.

This is one of the most pivotal and important times in the earth's history...

Let's meet at the beach and be part of this very important time together... It's important that those of us awake enuf to see TheTruth... and HearGod come together in fellowship to connect, network, and support one another.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall...
Hope 2CU There!

The rally Starts on Friday, January 22nd, and ends on Sunday, the 24th.

GodBless & FierceLove 2U All